About Hydro Marine And Boats

Services Limited

  • Hydro Marine and Boat Services Limited is an indigenous boat building company incorporated in 1997 with its company headquarters located in Lagos, Nigeria. Our services are in the area of Marine Engineering and Boat Construction and Maintenance.
  • Our value priorities are the protection and preservation of our workforce, Asset, and Environment. Health, Safety, and Security at work place is of prime importance. This feat we have achieved through
    Theory program/ safety orientation and training to build a lasting safety culture.
  • As part of our Company policy, we conduct and sustain in-house training for all workers aside from monthly general safety meetings; working proactively to identify and avert incidents associated with delicate work we undertake. Qualified safety personnel are employed to teach and impart lasting knowledge and impression on our workforce. This we have seen yielding huge results.


Excellence in the quality of products and /or services is vital to the existence, growth, and profitability of Hydro Marine and Boats Services Limited.


The future of the company depends on a strong commitment to staying focused on an injury-free culture and not allowing progress to get in the way of doing it safely.


We recognize that time is valued in the Oil & Gas industry, and pride ourselves i providing services and executing projects that are timely and of great value to our clients.


Our Mission

  • Hydro Marine & boat services Ltd, will seek to engage ONLY the best hands in its manufacturing processes. We will ensure the deployment of GMP best practices at all times.

  • Hydro Marine & boats services Ltd will execute and deliver all projects, products, and services with outmost professionalism while aiming to exceed clients expectation

Board of Directors

Commodore Jerome Z Jatau Rtd (Board chairman)

Captain Olusegun Festus (Chief operating officer)

Olaronke Adeogun (Company Secretary)

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